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America: The Blame for Horrible TV

   Television is vastly changing and has definitely progressed since its creation. Good, quality scripted shows are almost extinct and one may feel that reality TV is filling every spot for shows. America has guilty pleasures and wholesome, unadulterated TV shows are not that-scripted, inauthentic TV is.
            So who’s to blame for horrible makings of these shows? These are the ones where women degrade one another, men have no limit for their temper, alcohol and drug consumption and then the regular people without ambitions are turned into instant celebrities that lack talent. I put blame to two sets- the viewing audiences and the people creating the shows. Everyone has a responsibility in themselves, especially to the families raising our next generation. If the continual portrayal of success and hard work is presented on TV in the form of reality shows, where people with no talent get paid to act reckless, it leaves no hope for the youth.
            The reason I put fault to the people who construct these types of shows is because they don’t have to do it. I feel that any individual in radio, film, and television have the creative freedom to put forth work that’s a reflection of themselves and even though reality trash sells, that shouldn’t be the driving force to conforming to society’s idea of a money maker. The other blame goes to the consumers because they keep making these shows hits. If no one has interest in a reality show, it wouldn’t be put out (hence why a lot of great, scripted shows get canceled due to lack of ratings) and brainstorms of better concepts will arise.