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America Hates Zimmerman; No One Knows about Michael Dunn

It’s safe to say that the media covers the news in a feeding frenzy, meaning one story drowns out everything else. The covering over the Michael Dunn “Loud Music” trial has not gotten the national coverage of awareness it deserved. Dunn, 47 and white, has been found guilty on four out of the five charges in the killing of then,17 and black, Jordan Davis. But the jury, consisting of 4 white women, 2 black women, 1 Asian woman, 4 white men, and 1 Hispanic man couldn’t reach a verdict on first-degree murder. Sentencing for Michael Dunn is set for March 24, 2014 and he is to remain in custody until then.

This all occurred at a Jacksonville convenience store and gas station on November 23, 2012 when Dunn approached a car with four black teens because of their loud music playing in their Durango vehicle. The volume of the music disturbed Dunn so much to fire 10 shots and ultimately kill Davis. The other teens in the car were uninjured.

After the shooting of Davis, Dunn then fled the scene with his girlfriend and drove to a hotel for the night, ordered pizza and watched movies. Dunn did not call the police at all that day, and once the police arrested him the following day, Dunn told investigators that he fired in self-defense; he saw someone in the car point a shotgun at him. “I saw a barrel come up on the window, like a single-shot shotgun… It was either a barrel or a stick. I’m shitting bricks, but that’s when I reached in my glove box, unholstered my pistol…and I shot,” Dunn told police. No weapons were found in the Durango. He fired on the Durango and once the car pulled away, Dunn continued shooting because he was “still scared,” he said.

The same with George Zimmerman’s trial, under Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law, you are granted immunity from criminal and civil charges—even if you didn’t first try to retreat—if you can show you had a reasonable fear of bodily harm or death. The question pose is why hasn’t the trial with Dunn enrage America like it had when black teen, Trayvon Martin was killed? Honestly it has to do with the media’s ability to dictate what is deemed to be in the public's eye. Davis was hit three times and died in his seat. He would’ve been 19 on February, 16, 2014 and unfortunately his parents cannot celebrate it on Earth with him.

Racism will forever remain a problem in America.