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Domestic Violence Survivor: My Interview with Mori Gabriella Montgomery

(Courtesy of Instagram)

Domestic violence is a topic that rarely gets recognized, yet is happening all around the world. It’s a forbidden discussion that many family, friends, church members, and public figures don’t talk about. It takes courage to leave an abuser because of fear of what might happen and telling someone about their dilemma can possibly lead to more harm. When there’s a problem that’s kept hidden and no one speaks out, it leads to bigger problems that can unfortunately leave a tragic ending.
But that’s not the case for 19 year old Mori Gabriella Montgomery. Mori, a college student, took to social media to uncover her abusive relationship with her now, ex-boyfriend. She showcased her bruises and injuries in hopes to bring more awareness about domestic violence and that people who are in her situation to escape. I had the opportunity of interviewing Ms. Montgomery through email since we’re in different cities and here’s what she had to say: 

SLBWunder: What's your major in school? What are your plans after graduation?

Mori: Biology, I want to be a marine biologist.

SLBWunder: What interested you in aspiring to become a model?

Mori: I’ve always wanted to be a model for as long as I could remember. I don’t know who or what inspired me to want that, it’s just a personal goal of mine.

SLBWunder: I've read that you met your ex-boyfriend through a friend of yours.  How did he treat you in the beginning & as you look back did you see a drastic change in him?

Mori: He was such a good boyfriend. We did so much together, he treated me fairly well and made me feel loved. Now I don't know who he is. Or if I ever knew him.

 SLBWunder: Your ex's name or face is not circulating through social media. Did you make a conscious decision to keep his identity hidden, and if so why? Has any legal action taken place on his behalf?

Mori: Yes because I'm not a bad person. I already hate that this has happened to his family and I think for respect for them I have no desire to glorify him. I deleted our pictures soon after it happened. And yes he has a lawyer. 

 SLBWunder: You were brave to post those graphic pictures up; what gave you the courage to fully commit posting them up for the world to see?

Mori: I didn't think the whole world was going to see it I merely wanted my friends and family to know I was okay. To know our relationship wasn't glitter and gold how it seemed. We were in love but I wanted them to see what it can drive someone to. 

SLBWunder: Have you received any negative feedback from friends or family on broadcasting your experience? If so, how does that make you feel?

Mori: Not from friends or family. I have a few friends that tell me they won't be apart of my life if I talk to him, but I have my real friends so that's all that matters. 

SLBWunder: Did you experience any mental or verbal abuse while in the relationship?

 Mori: Not really. He was very jealous but I took it like I've taken every relationship. People get jealous. It's in our human nature. 

SLBWunder: You've mentioned how you were pushed out of a moving car, but what escalated him going to that extreme on you? Were you able to call for help yourself?

Mori: Yes and we were arguing. I'm not sure why he had such rage that night but something sparked in him that wasn't normal. I didn't call, I blacked out and someone found me and called the police. 

SLBWunder: People have been giving you encouraging words since hearing your story, how do you feel when you're called an inspiration to someone?

Mori: It makes me feel amazing. I smile every time I hear it because I did not know the outcome was going to be so big after all of this. I feel honored to have people care and look up to me so much and they don't even know me personally. It's an overwhelming amazing feeling. 

SLBWunder: Have you been back to the dating scene or are you happily single?

Mori:  I'm happily single. But I'm not limiting myself when I do start dating. It'll be awhile before another serious one that's for sure. 

SLBWunder: With this platform you've made for yourself on advocacy against domestic violence, what's next for you?

Mori: I plan on continuing to live my normal life before this went viral. My happy and free spirit to grow as I venture on. I hope to continue my path as a model and an actress and hope to become a speaker against domestic violence. 

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