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12 Inventions by African-Americans: What History Books Won't Tell

I always knew African-Americans made contributions in the world, but I didn’t know the extent. Many inventions that are widely popular and used for our daily use were created by Blacks and society as a whole does not know. Here’s a quick list of inventions and improved innovations from Black people:

1.      The cell phone by: Henry T. Sampson

2.      Clothes dryer by: G.T. Sampson

3.      Door knob and door stopper by: O. Dorsey

4.      Improved Elevator by: Alexander Miles. Miles improved the elevator system which included automatic doors that can open and close between the floors; elevators became safer from his contribution.

5.      Fire escape ladder by: Joseph Winters

6.      Fire extinguisher by: T. Marshall

7.      Hair brush by: Lydia O Newman. She’s not the first to discover the hair brush, but Newman’s brush had synthetic bristles when originally the hair brush was made with animal hair. Her improvements created ventilation through a person’s hair and was determined more sterile than the original.

8.      Ironing board by: Sarah Boone

9.      Key chain by: F.J. Loudin

10.  Refrigerator by: J. Standard

11.  Stove by: T. A. Carrington

12.  Guitar by: Robert F. Fleming, Jr.