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Hair Mania: Is It an Issue for Blue Ivy's Hair to be Neatly Done?

(Courtesy of Instagram)
    For the past couple of months there have been much hair controversy on Blue Ivy, daughter of Jay Z and Beyoncé, and now it’s to the point where a petition is circulating for her hair to be combed and brushed. I find this a ludicrous of an idea to have a petition about a child’s hair because ultimately the parents are raising the child, not the whole world. Social media is definitely bringing unnecessary attention to Blue’s hair, and I’m definitely included because I’m blogging about this “Hot Topic."

My thoughts are on both spectrums of the debate, but not in the extremities for either stance. First and foremost, I’m not a mother so I don’t have any parenting advice to give; from the outside looking in (as we all are) it appears that The Carter’s are raising their little girl up well. On one hand, the best thing to do for a child’s hair is absolutely nothing in order to maintain healthiness, but I also feel that some type of hair accessory to add to her natural hair isn’t so-bad-of an idea. Yes. There’s photos of Blue in flower accessories but the majority of them are nothing. Again, it’s not like Blue is being neglected, and this is a trivial thing to discuss, but at the same token I think a little effort can be made. My thoughts are coming from a perspective that’s not focused on The Carter’s wealth and popularity, and the fact that this is such a concern for people, it does bring awareness. Blue Ivy does not deserve any of this attention in all honesty. People forget she’s a child and has no worries in her life. Beyoncé is clearly not phased and neither should we.