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Just KeKe: The Premiere of Keke Palmer's New Talk Show

Photo Cred: Instagram

           Today at 5p.m. eastern time I watched the premiere episode of actress/singer/dancer Keke Palmer’s new talk show Just Keke on BET. I am a supporter of all things Keke and I was so excited to see how her talk show would be. It was awesome! I’m glad there’s a platform for us teens and young adults that’s relatable, entertaining, yet informative. We now have a platform to discuss topics that our parents cannot necessarily understand. Our voices will be heard; there’s now a show for us to discuss what matters most to us.
            The start of the show Palmer came out wearing a yellow shorts set with bone straight hair flowing down with a middle part. She wore flirty, strappy heels and minimal accessories. The set of Just Keke has vibrant colors and the audience have seating all around in a lounge vibe- far from your average talk show audience placement. Also, she’s heavily involved with having her audience participate in almost every segment she had.
 Keke’s guests included a FaceTime chat with comedian Kevin Hart, a surprise guest from Keke’s #1 celebrity crush Michael Ealy, comedienne Farelle Walker’s perspective during the segment “Dumb Ass Posts,” and a cypher battle towards the end of show which Sinister Music won.

Photo Cred: Instagram
            The show ran smoothly in its transitions and I love how natural Keke seemed to be. If there were any nervousness, she definitely didn’t show that. She was meant for this talk show, and even mentioned that the show was a 3 year-long process. From the discussion about Chris Brown’s song called "Loyal" and if there’s a double standard when it comes to loyalty in a relationship, the behind the scenes footage at this year’s BET awards which aired Sunday, June 29th, to the cypher battle, I was satisfied. I really didn’t know what to expect, but it was so much more than what I could have ever imagined.
 This show can bridge the gap between teens who are still in middle/high school and the young adults who could be in college or being career-driven. It has the perfect time of airing because young people can relax, get their homework done, or even chill around with friends in their college dorms to watch Just Keke.