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My Atlanta Experience at On The Run: Beyonce and Jay Z

The lights in the stadium dimmed. Thousands of roaring and admiring fans cheered and clapped. The excitement and anticipation was almost unbearable. Humming of drums, horns, saxophones, and every other instrument blared to add more bliss in the building. An introduction video appears on the main screen with rap artist Future’s “Move That Dope” blaring. Once that stops, the letters J and B were met between a cross as the two emerged onstage. The emphasis put on those two persons in the blue lights and smoke made anything else a mere speck within the surrounding darkness. At that moment, I knew this would be an unforgettable night. Jay Z and Beyoncé’s On The Run Tour in Atlanta was epic!
(My pictures off my iPhone 5)
I tried not to watch too many YouTube videos beforehand, but a few clips caught my eye. Nevertheless, I came into the Georgia Dome already making up in my mind to keep my phone down and enjoy. I did. I wanted to be in the moment and have fun- not constricted of taking the perfect videos and pictures. I had great seats in section 104 at the Dome and the two big projections beside the stage made it easier to see.
What I loved most about this concert was that Jay Z and Beyoncé transitioned effortlessly between their songs, and would even merge their solo songs to switch to the next set. They started the concert with “03 Bonnie & Clyde,” “Upgrade You,” and “Crazy in Love,” all collaborations the paired have done. Also, a few of my favorite performances (it’s really all of them) are “Flawless,” “Drunk in Love,” "Beach is Better/Partition," “Clique/Diva,” and “Ring the Alarm/On to the Next One.” The Carter’s put on a tremendous show, and yes, I’m being a bit vague with all my details because for those who are future attendees, the suspense and anticipation.
I’ve seen Beyoncé and Jay Z perform individually, but together everything increased and was beyond amazing! The vocals, 30 minute mini movie intertwined within the show, hilarious commentary from Jay, Beyoncé’s hype-ness, and etc. was everything and more. I highly recommend going to On The Run Tour: Beyoncé and Jay Z so you can to witness greatness.