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What to Know When Entering College

It's that time again! College is starting back up, and for many it'll be their first time entering college. It may seem like a scary situation being on your own and not relying on parents and family for help, but it gets better. The experience of freedom and meeting/seeing new things are truly exciting for a young person. I talked with two of my friends, Dezira (Dez) and Danielle and we came up with a list of things to know when entering college, or if you want to make your return back better:

Manage Money!
"Don't take out more money than you need when it comes to loans. Sallie Mae is a real life thug," says Dez. That is absolutely true. Loans are money meant to be paid back regardless if you graduate or not so be mindful. Refund checks can also be problematic; thinking you have money to spend on frivolous things when you really don't.
Friends Come and Go
Prioritize your socialization with your friends and managing your work. Partying occurs all the time but it's a hassle catching up on assignments meant to take time. Just think about it. What happens when your friends have passed their classes and you've failed? PLEASE set aside leisure time, and great friends wouldn't pressure you to go out every single time either.
Get Involved in Activities
Keeping yourself productive and busy makes the transition from high school a bit easier. Finding what your school has to offer that you find interesting helps you meet new people easier and adapt to campus life. Being in at least two different activities/organizations will make you want to stay the weekends at school, versus always being homesick and going home.
Roommates are Strangers
Living with someone you don't know makes them a complete stranger. You may not have a lot in common, but that doesn't mean you can never become friends. However, just because you share the same space don't build so much trust in them so soon. You don't know their group of friends they may invite to your dorm when you're out so be mindful of securing your valuables- doesn't mean you are mean at all.

Study Your Professor's Teaching
Before you settle with your schedule, research your professors to see what others have said about them. What they say is usually spot on , and attend class regularly. There may be times you just can't go to class, but don't make a habit not showing up. Also, GO TO TUTORIALS! Tutoring is free on campus so take advantage. I learned the hard way that asking for help on my weaker subjects is my best friend. Dez says,"Put that pride aside (if any) and knock that class out. You definitely don't want to repeat classes. That's a waste of time and money."
Your Relationship with Your Parents Will Be Awesome...Now That You're Apart
This may sound strange but it's the honest truth. Your parents can often become a little overbearing and living under their roof you don't have a choice in basically anything. College life changes all of that. You're making your own decisions, worrying about yourself, and creating memories that can last a lifetime. One thing to do is making sure you call your parents and grandparents! You miss them and they do probably more so find time for the people who molded you into the person you became.
9am Classes and Later are Key
Getting classes before 9 am will ultimately hurt you. Your advisors are basically setting you up. (Lol)
Healthy Eating!
Danielle so eloquently says, "freshman 15 is real..." Choose a day out of the week to splurge on food.

I hope these tips have been helpful and will steer your decisions into great ones. No matter the circumstance, STAY IN SCHOOL! Even if something prevents you to wait out a semester, get back in there and get your degree. Don't be afraid to ask for guidance and continue furthering your education.