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Ferguson: What Hope Do WE Have Left?

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It’s unfortunate to come back from a blogging hiatus to report the news of the Michael Brown verdict, but I felt compelled to write. Back in August, Officer Darren Wilson (white) shot and killed a black teen named Michael “Mike” Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and it has been a roller-coaster ride of emotions. I’m proud of the Brown family’s strength and dignity at a time as this and the peaceful protestors that have been active from the beginning.
Fast-forward to tonight’s grand jury decision, Officer Wilson wasn’t indicted on his criminal charges. I think the red flag for me as I waited all night was finding that he never received a call to turn himself in. At that moment I felt nothing good was going to come after that. The jury consisted of 9 whites and 3 blacks and it only takes 9 votes to have a final decision; I’m not surprised at the race ratio. Anyways, it took two days for the ultimate decision and I’m really numb to America’s judicial system. My angle right now is not to be too politically correct or write as an enraged person, but I’m just stumped honestly.
… What hope do WE as African- Americans or any minority for the matter have left in this world? There’s such a stigma placed on African-Americans that’s unimaginable, and while we don’t try to make everything a race issue, it just is! Our country is built on the basis of racism and it will never go away. I apologize if there’s no structure in this blog post, but I just wanted to express myself constructively.
The spoiler alert for Blacks in this world is that we are not safe.