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Dorinda Clark Cole: Fifth Studio Album Soars in Delight

The much anticipated album from “The Rose of Gospel”  released today,Tuesday February 17, 2015 and it is a hit! Living It, DCC’s fifth studio album, and second release off eOne’s in-house Gospel label, Light Records delivers stellar tracks. This three-time Grammy® Award winning artist and evangelist delivers with a team of talented writers and producers like: Joe “Flip” Wilson, LaShawn Daniels, Gerald Haddon, Rick Robinson, Courtney Harrell and many more.
The album, consisting of eleven tracks with the deluxe edition having 2 bonuses “Pray” & “Win” gives the listener the perfect balance of traditional and contemporary Gospel.
My favorite songs off Living It would be “Save Me Now,” “He Still Loves Me,” “Use Me,” and the second single “Bless This House.” One of the reasons these choices are favored is because they give a new, unexpected sound to DCC. We all love her for those high and fast-paced melismata runs, soulful growls, and jazzy scats, and we get those too, but Living It offers range. “Bless This House,” and “Save Me Now” are the slower ballads from my pick and I enjoy the piano chords and flawless vocals. “He Still Loves Me” gives a more reggae feel and brings back nostalgia to the appreciation we got from The Clark Sisters’ epic crossover song, “You Brought the Sunshine.” Twinkie Clark, DCC’s sister & group mate, used Stevie Wonder as inspiration, and I hear The Doobie Brothers as inspiration to DCC in her track “The Name.” Particularly in their song “What a Fool Believes” I can hear the distinct resemblances.
I only highlighted a few of the songs off the album, but truly every song is commanding. Dorinda Clark Cole has recognized the fact that she has an ever-growing young fan base and made it a duty to satisfy everyone's music taste buds. She simply masters the art in bridging all generations together through song. From the Mattie Moss Clark “Write My Name Above” fans to the younger, fresher “He Brought Me” crew, we all have songs to choose from on Living It. What DCC consistently excels in is the ability to connect us, no matter what religious background one may have, to Jesus. Her conviction gravitates not only to her as a phenomenal person, but most importantly the message. With this album Living It takes us to church every day.