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Braxton Family Values Season 4B Ep. 1 Recap

Throughout all the commercials about the new season of Braxton Family Values, the apparent theme is secrets for all of the sisters. Tonight opened with Traci’s nationally syndicated radio show venture, and I love her new look, both physically and career wise. She’s opinionated, hilarious, and I’m here for her forthcoming success. We really didn’t see Traci’s family during past seasons, but now there’s a storyline and the focus was on her son, Kevin Jr. and his girlfriend. He spends time away from family to be with his girlfriend, Oliviah, and later in the show we find out that they’re getting married. I don’t think this is good for him because (1) he’s not furthering his education yet, (2) he’s 19 and living at home with his parents, and (3) regardless if it’s revealed the girl is pregnant or not, that doesn’t equate getting married so early in age.  When you're that young you haven't even discovered yourself yet and gotten life lessons. I just hope that Traci lets Kevin Jr. handle this out himself because if she puts too much input, he will stray even further away. I'm hopeful that he will learn sooner than later that mama knows best and has good intentions.

Next is the dynamic duo Towanda and Trina! I love their relationship as sisters, and I have to give props to Towanda’s character. Towanda slightly hinted that she and her husband were rekindling and going on a date; she goes to invite Trina and Gabe along, but Trina was apprehensive on spilling her tea. Then, Trina broke the news about her and Gabe’s split and her steps into divorce and I admired Towanda’s support through that scene. Trina didn’t have the fun, fiery spirit and light in her eyes we all love and adore in this episode. And it’s unfortunate that it will probably be like this for most of the season. Trina's going through a  public divorce and no matter the previous times she has brought up the idea, no one can tell someone their breaking point and when to leave a tumultuous relationship. Gabe has never been a favorite person on this show to me and his actions on and off camera proved me right. I just pray the strength for Trina- Gabe’s true, eerie self will cause havoc and messiness as their divorce undergoes.

Lastly it’s all about Toni, Tamar and Ms. Evelyn. Braxton Family Values has faced many health scares/issues in the past years, and this season's concern is for Ms. E. The girls always come together when their family is going through, and it must be difficult to witness your parent going to the hospital, especially in their older age. I pray and hope for the best with Ms. E and I know she’ll make a speedy recovery. Now on to Toni and Tamar. I loved these girls this episode! The shade was thick tonight with both ladies and I was here for it. The thing with Toni's shadiness is that it's unexpected & it's an underlining sweetness in it that overpowers the shade. I think I have that trait/ability. LOL! The hilarious part is that Trina hardly catches Toni’s remarks; there's a difference with Tamar's shadiness because it’s more obvious. I honestly loved Tamar’s aura tonight because she was very even-keel and genuine. She's always been that way, but when there's not any drama surrounding Tamar it just feels great. I want THIS Tamar to last.

To wrap up tonight’s season premiere recap, I want to leave with my takeaway moments. Also, tune in weekly for more!

Fav Braxton Moments: Towanda mentally doing a praise break about Trina & Gabe's split + Toni & Tamar’s "Jugular" debate.

Braxton Sister of the Week: Towanda because she’s sincere and loyal to everyone's truth. She can observe something that may not seem right with someone, but waits for that person to speak on THEIR truth. She's awesome at keeping people’s business…theirs!