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Braxton Family Values Season 4B Ep. 2 Recap


Tonight’s recap is all about Trina and Ms. Evelyn. Everyone’s focus since last week’s premiere has been on Trina’s divorce with Gabe, and their mother’s surgery that actually happens this episode. Remembering the order of events, we see that Kevin Jr. (Traci’s son) still wants to get married with Oliviah and there's a relief to know that she’s not pregnant. It's then cut to Towanda stopping by Trina’s restaurant to chat about her upcoming court date with Gabe. So far the stress hasn’t prompted Trina into a total meltdown, but I feel as if she’ll be reaching that point soon. As they continue small talk, Toni calls Towanda to inform them that Ms. Evelyn’s surgery was being pushed earlier than expected; she’s getting her herniated disc in neck repaired. As the show progresses you see that she indeed has a successful surgery and recovery. I would’ve loved to see their brother, Michael, but I’m sure there was a reason he couldn’t make the visit.

On a side note, Vince looks great and seeing him involved with all things Miss E was beautiful to see.

Once the sisters start spending time bonding in and out the hospital, Trina reveals more information about Gabe to them. I love seeing them support Trina in this hard time. Traci and Tamar expressed their rage for Gabe the most in this episode, and yes their approach at news about Gabe is hilarity, but even the viewers can get the sense that he is unpredictable and could potentially be dangerous. Past seasons I felt like Gabe was portrayed as the breadwinner and fiscally responsible husband since the beginning of their relationship, but according to Trina she met him as a scrub (listen to R&B group TLC’s song No Scrubs for the reference). She already had her brand before him, so the fact that he’s successful now and want alimony is crazy. Even the judge is ordering for Trina and Gabe to sell and move out their house within the next five days. Plus, Gabe’s disowning their children now that the divorce is getting real (yes I realize they’re not biologically his but he signed up for that role) and it’s just sad.

I’m really anticipating next week’s BFV episode and before I leave, here’s my takeaway moments.

Fav Braxton Moments: Towanda doing Trina's hair before the court hearing. Toni wanting to give Ms. Evelyn cheese as a gift (What?? LOL)
, Tamar entering the hospital doing her twerk dance & singing her made up song, and Tamar referring to Toni’s outfit as winter.

Braxton Sister of the Week: All of the sisters because Traci, Tamar, Toni, Towanda, and Trina all played a part in making their mom feel as comfortable as possible. Also being there for Trina’s woes.