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Social Media Sensation: My Interview with Dana Chanel

   (Courtesy of Instagram: @DanaChanel )

“The Jesus Girl” aka Dana Chanel, I heard Atlanta’s own The Durtty Boyz Show (Hip Hop radio show) refer, is basically the synopsis of what she is all about. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Ms. Dana is swooping social media with her positive video messages and overall love for everyone. I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Ms. Dana Chanel, and I truly believe she’s a voice of reason for our generation. It’s just refreshing to see a young individual excited about Christ.  Check out the interview below!

Firstly, thanks for taking the time to be interviewed by SLBWunder. For those who may not know, what made you start making inspirational videos for social sites like Instagram?
DC: I guess you can just say the Holy Spirit just did the darn thing. I never said to myself "Hey, I'm going to make videos about Jesus," but I guess before my relationship with Jesus, I use to post pictures smoking weed, and hanging out in the strip club. If Jesus is consuming my life now, why can't I post about that? I would pray for God to use me, and the videos is all how it started. I couldn't keep it to myself everything He was teaching me. 
Did you make the conscious effort to become our generation's voice of reason on the web? Meaning, do you enjoy the influence you have?
DC: Did I make the conscious effort? Not at all. This is my calling, this is what I was created for. I can say I make the choice every day to walk in obedience, but I was given this purpose. I feel blessed for God to have chosen me to put me on a pedestal to speak through me.
Your Instagram is constantly gaining new followers & even the likes of Bishop TD Jakes, Kierra Sheard, & Tasha Cobbs follow you. Does that mean something to you or are you not fazed by it?
DC: All these anointed men and women of God you specifically pointed out are just like you and I- humble servants. We are ordinary people with the same goal, so for us to want to follow one another, isn't that what we do? Follow people that encourage and inspire us, and enjoy, like the same things. We happen to all love Jesus. They mean just as much to me as every single one of my followers that are not in the public eye. 

You have an online ministry called Sprinkle of Jesus. How did that creation happen?
DC: Sprinkle of Jesus manifested when I began learning who God was. I started to blog about my experience and I thought to myself, “Where else do people my age have a place to talk about this stuff like, what God thinks about drugs, sex, violence, the club.” I wanted other young, "in our prime" people to know that they can be cool and have a relationship with God. God needed me to create a platform, a community for us to guide one another without being judged. We talk about stuff and people ask questions that they would be afraid to ask in church. We just encourage one another to have a relationship with Jesus; we let the Holy Spirit to do the rest. It's such a blessing to hear from my peers on this journey to be Christ-like. We even created the Sprinkle of Jesus app to stay even more connected with one another, where you can submit prayer requests, read the blog, chat with other Christians, and all that good stuff. 
• Speaking of the website, I love that you have a directory tab for Christian owned businesses. Can you elaborate on why you feel it's important to use the site's platform to help businesses?
DC: I believe money in the right hands could do amazing things. I believe Christians should be successful and rich, not just spiritually, but in our finances as well. If God has blessed me with a successful business, why wouldn't I pass on that information to put my brothers and sisters in a better space? So we offer TV commercial opportunities and everything it would take to start your own business. For example, at the moment I am searching for 25 Christian owned businesses to feature in the new Sprinkle of Jesus commercials!
• I've watched your countless bible study sessions and you have such a positive outlook on life, and exude excitement about spreading the Gospel. What is it that keeps you encouraged & coming back for God's word?
DC: My past. The memories of how I use to live, feel, think, look at life, walk, act, how I use to love is something I never want to go back to. I was in love with the world and even though life now still isn't perfect, I've never been happier in my life. Jesus, gives me something this world could never and that's enough for me to keep coming back. 
• Everyone has a testimony & on Sprinkle of Jesus you blogged about yours and became candid about the car accident you experienced. Can you talk a little about it & the relationship you had with God at the time?
DC: Actually, I believe that car accident was God answering my prayers to show me He was real. I wasn't sure. I flipped my car 100 feet into the woods with no seatbelt on- everything was ejected from the car except my 105 pound body. I didn't have a relationship with Him, I wasn't even sure about Him, but He spoke to me. He protected me. He defeated odds, when everyone was asking how you could be alive right now, I finally knew the answer. 
• On a lighter note, who are a few artists you enjoy listening to, gospel or not?
DC: Ahhh, I'm a fan of so many people. Maybe some of the music I listen to is only because I know these people personally. I believe there are testimonies in so much music that people completely shut off because it's not "gospel music," but I believe culture has created different styles of sharing life experiences through music. I'm judged on my music choice all the time, but I’m totally cool with it. I love my awesome friend Tasha Cobbs, she is just amazing! I like Jon McReynolds, he is dope. William Murphy kills it! Not so much gospel music, OG Maco, Tink, Ariana Grande, and Sia. I couldn't even name all the people I enjoy. I just love talented individuals. 
• For all of your supporters out there, what's an encouraging word you can leave them with?
DC: Stop looking for the "Christian" you should be in everyone except Jesus. [It’s] Kind of something that I need to focus on, because it's a struggle. It's not always easy to constantly be judged on social media. I'm human. I have feelings, and Jesus is constantly telling me to continue to look past some of the negativity, and stay focused on Him to do what He needs me to accomplish. 

  For more info, visit SprinkleofJesus