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Braxton Family Values Recap Ep. 4 "Forty, Free, and on Fleek!"

This by far, will probably be the most unorthodox BFV Recap to date. The reason being is…Netflix’s OITNB (Orange is the New Black) released season 3 earlier than expected and it threw me off. SMH! But not to take away from the fierceness of my favorite sisters because I always look forward to each week’s episode. “Forty, Free, and on Fleek!” celebrates Trina’s 40th birthday party in Atlanta, and everyone wore superhero- themed costumes. The highlight of the party was seeing all the sisters’ scope out Trina’s “Knight and shining armor” mystery man because she didn’t reveal anything about him that whole night. The only tidbit we know is that he’s African-American.
A run-through of BFV:
Traci panicking before her showcase that I mentioned on last week’s recap, and she pulls it off stylishly and wonderfully. I really like her music and I'm happy the crowd received her. Also, Kevin Jr's engagement is what caused Traci to feel stressed out prior to her performance, and she must tell her sisters about Kevin’s nuptials soon.
While Traci is preparing for her showcase, the rest of the family joined Toni in being honored at the Urban League of Greater Atlanta as the organization celebrated women of empowerment. She looked beautiful, as did everyone else at the event, & I must say Mama E looked exceptionally gorgeous! She recovered so well from her neck surgery.

This episode the sisters’ niece, Ashlee, was seen a lot and she favors Towanda immensely! She’s very pretty and side note: Ashlee performs background to Toni now. It’s crazy that everyone’s kids looks like another sister. I guess the family genes are just STRONG.

Overall, tonight’s episode was easy, breezy, and full of fun; though there was one minor argument between Tamar and Toni, but because it escalated so randomly it’s not even worth mentioning.

Fav Braxton Moments: "Trina what's going on with Gabe," asks Toni as soon as the ladies sit down to eat. Trina’s facial expression is what makes that hilarious because she’s immediately aggravated. She doesn't want to keep talking about Mr. Gee-ob every time they get together. Another moment was Towanda asking Traci what were Kevin Jr.’s wedding colors. LOL! That was the most hilarious and shady comment for the night.

*Special Edition* Fav Braxton(s) Superhero Costume: Trina and Tamar’s.


P.S. over the weekend I FINALLY picked up Toni Braxton’s Unbreak My Heart memoir, & I absolutely loved it! From beginning to end, the insight into Toni’s life was remarkable and it gave the answers to questions I wanted answered. Especially the bankruptcies that have swarmed Toni's career and I admit, before the media blew up her financial woes, I was ignorant of what filing for bankruptcy meant to a person until it happened to her. Even through it all, isn’t it wonderful when a person’s life can make you reflect yours, and then leave you feeling inspired? That’s what the Unbreak My Heart memoir gave and I’m appreciative of it. Toni will forever be one of my role models because no matter what obstacle she faces, it's not her ending point...she's still here.