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Braxton Family Values Season 4B Ep. 3 Recap

As always, the Braxton’s did NOT disappoint on tonight’s episode. The opening scene is to Tamar’s beautiful mansion where Mama E was resting after surgery. The main focuses tonight were Trina and Traci.  I actually think these two will steal the spotlight this whole season. Traci started off with a rough rehearsal for a showcase she’s preparing, and she was struggling with her lyrics. Once the band took a quick break, we realize Traci’s stressed over Kevin Jr.’s engagement with Oliviah. Mid-way through the show Traci ends up taking Kevin Jr. ice-skating to talk about his potential marriage. Apparently Oliviah’s family have reservations, too, and if both sides are apprehensive that’s a sign for the couple to take things slow. Anyways, I hope Traci pulls through with her nerves and does a great showcase next week.
I’m #TeamTrina all day and Mr. Gee-ob (Gabe) hit an all new low for even him. If you’ve been keeping up, you’ll know that the judge ordered both Trina and Gabe to move out of their house, and once she moved into her rental home she reveals to Towanda that Gabe hasn’t been paying her bills in their joint account. He actually took them off the auto payments to ruin her credit. Now that’s truly vindictive and I like that even though Gabe is doing things out of spite, it's not holding Trina back with opening the wine and tapas bar. One sweet moment from the show was when Trina talked with each of her sons individually to hear their thoughts on the divorce and gave them chances to be candid.
While Trina's situation was happening, Toni and Tamar spent their days pampering in Los Angeles and having girl time. Toni mentions Trina’s upcoming 40th birthday party to Tamar and I think Tamar finally realizes that the girls don’t communicate with her anymore. Tamar has been feeling left out of the family loop lately, and hopefully she will express her feelings to Trina and Towanda soon. But back to Trina’s party, she alludes that  she may invite a man to her party and I think this will be interesting to see unfold.

Tonight’s recap is surprisingly short but I hope it was satisfying and that you'll tune in next week for an all new Braxton Family Values recap!

BFV Sister of the Week: Traci because she looked great for that moment leading up to her performance & the imagery of Traci with the kiddie penguin on the ice was priceless!

BFV Favorite Moments: Toni referencing Trina’s weight gain as a "carb fest 2015" LOL; Trina leaving the awful smell of chitterlings for Mr. Gee-ob at the house; Towanda trying on her superhero costume and running all over the store.