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Johnny Cupcakes: BB&T Lecture that Inspired Me

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   Tonight I attended a lecture held at my school’s campus, and the guest speaker was Johnny “Cupcakes” Earle, an apparel designer from Massachusetts. Before googling him, I actually thought I was going to hear the successes of owning a bakery shop because why else would someone name a clothing company after cupcakes. Clever, right? Once the lecture began, I immediately became enthralled of his storytelling and narration of his early days in the form of a slideshow.  From Earle's early “hustling” days of being a kid magician at birthday parties to creating a middle school yearbook, being an innovator has always been within him.

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      Throughout the whole lecture, unconsciously, I related the things Earle spoke on to what I’m passionate about (blogging, writing, creating platforms on social media) and how I can make a living off of it. He made me connect the dots between the things I’m passionate about to what my actual abilities are and what I can offer. I think that’s why the whole audience was captivated tonight; his humor definitely added a bonus, too.
Meet strangers unless they drive in a white van.
  Earle added witty comments like that one throughout his entire presentation, and you really got to see his personality. Being transparent and relatable leaves people with not only fun memories, but it spills over into his customers leaving his shops with great experiences.

Courtesy of Instagram

          For Johnny "Cupcakes" Earle to create a food-themed clothing brand with clothing stores designed like vintage bakeries is beyond genius to me. On his website he says "[o]ur bakery aesthetic is so convincing, that customers are usually convinced they are walking into a bakery expecting to get a cupcake.” That amount of creativity was bound for success, and I’m so glad I spent my Monday night listening to a great person. I hope anyone reading this recap will have the opportunity to meet/hear him!
Johnny “Cupcakes” Earle:

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