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The Story to My Art Fashion Show Review

This past week I attended a fashion show and it was truly amazing! My friend, Amanda Hutchins, orchestrated the production and not only were her designs featured, but two other designers presented their work. As you walked into the venue, dimly lit lights set the atmosphere and soft, pink roses adorned the sides of the runway. A good mix of friends and family filled the seats as we waited for show time.
The fashion show opened up with recording artist Danielle Hutchins (IG: @danisworld_) singing her single ‘Let Me Breathe (I’m Free.)’ She performed incredibly and got the fashion attendees up on their feet. Hosts Dameon and Tykerra graced the stages throughout the night, engaging the crowd as the show proceeded and the models changed clothes. The first designer was Victoria Marie (IG: @Hervtheperv) with “The Creative Process.” I was impressed with the cohesiveness of her collection and the visuals she presented. The next designer was Dalphanine Adams with “Adamus Designs” and her collection is definitely tailored to the sophisticated woman. Before Amanda’s line came out, another artist named Jamal Langley (IG:@iamjlang) performed two songs. He’s such a talented musician and played the guitar so beautifully.
Finally, Amanda Hutchins’ (IG:@loveable_5) “I Model Stylez” showcased and the concept behind her line was to take dated fashions and give it a modern look. Overall, I loved the fashion show and all of the designers, artists and lovely models who joined forces to creative a wonderful production. I didn’t know what to expect at the fashion show, but because I went without any preconceived notions, I was able to enjoy myself. Check out my interview with Amanda below! 

SLBWunder: What's the inspiration behind this fashion show?
I believe that art and fashion goes hand and hand. They both start with a blank canvas, and both turn into something unique and creative. And so I decided to do a fashion show called “The Art of Fashion."
SLBWunder: How much time & effort it spent into designing the clothes & the production of it all?
About a year. It took me about 3 months to finish the clothes because as easy as it might look, it was not. It took time. I had to constantly get ideas for the dresses and then I threw some away that came out wrong.
SLBWunder: Most challenging part of producing a show?
OMG! Getting reliable people to be a part of the show is the most challenging, especially when you have a dream. When you have a dream and this is your first time doing something without resources, it’s really hard for people to believe in you.
SLBWunder: So what's next with your designs?
Well, this was a preview of what I can do inexpensively, but when I get the money I will have a new line with custom wear, and a new name. I just love being creative and through God giving me ideas, this birthed out.
SLBWunder: Any encouraging words for aspiring designers?
 I pray that all aspiring designers keep going and do not lose hope. There will be a lot of negative comments before and after the show, but keep going and while you’re going always do a self-evaluation to make sure you are always treating people fair.