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#SLB28Days Black Business Spotlight: Eleven60

What is Eleven60 exactly? The name Eleven60 is derived from designer Kierra Sheard’s mother, Karen Clark-Sheard’s birth month and year. Growing up around fashionistas in The Clark/Sheard family who were naturally curvy, Kierra became inspired to one day design clothing for the everyday full-figured woman. In a day where the smaller-the-better mindset is poured into the media constantly, Eleven60 is your place for high fashion pieces ranging in sizes ten to twenty-eight. The complimenting construction, inside lining, and materials used to create the quality is what sets this line apart.  Sheard states, “I love my smaller friends, but I’ve always wanted styles that they were wearing and could easily access. I could only buy the bag when they got the dress.” Eleven60 is doing more than just bringing high fashion clothing- this line is declaring for women to feel empowered and confident in their body.


#1160LuvMyThick Movement

Loving your curves is a movement designer, Kierra Sheard, has always advocated. Sheard knows the personal struggle of finding clothes that are complimenting, yet trendy and cute for a voluptuous body frame. Being able to rock your curves without compromising your style is what Eleven60 is able to deliver to you, the customer. With their Fall/Winter 2015 Collection, they hope you find outfits that make you feel confident, chic, and classy! Use the hashtag #1160LuvMyThick to join the movement! Wearing my piece from the line, I constantly get compliments and questions about where to buy it. I feel confident and the material is very comfortable.

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