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#SLB28Days Remembering Whitney Houston

It's been four years since Whitney Houston's untimely death, and it still hurts knowing she's not here. As a devoted fan, I distinctly remember being in my bedroom listening to the Preacher's Wife soundtrack and hearing the news. As "I Love the Lord" played softly in the background while I aimlessly scrolled down my Twitter timeline, I became frozen at the headlines. So many retweets and posts made my whole world stop before my eyes.

Whitney Houston being dead didn't feel real. It still doesn't. Today makes four years since she's been gone, and though she's in Heaven, I want whoever's reading this to keep WH's legacy alive and enjoy the body of work she created in her lifetime. The clip above is one of my favorite songs and performances she's ever done and hopefully you'll enjoy it.

SLBWunder will always love you, Nippy!