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#SLB28Days Spotlight Shine: Anisa Breneé

Recently, SLBWunder had the opportunity to interview, Anisa Breneé, an entrepreneur or “entrepreneuHER” as she refers. Making moves and already knowing the path she wants to take after graduating college, is the reason we’re shining light on this individual.

SLBWunder: Firstly I would like to thank you for being a part of #SLB28Days blogging challenge, where there’s a spotlight shined on those that are impacting the world. Tell the readers about your #WhoIsAnisaBreneé movement?
Anisa: #WhoIs is a project I created to encourage people of all ages (especially teenagers) to find their purpose and passion in life. In starting my #WhoIs movement, I realized how crucial it was for me to be a product of my own idea. Because of that I created my own hashtag, #WhoIsAnisaBreneé . I constantly remind myself of how important it is to be the change I want to see in the world versus waiting on the change to happen.  
SLBWunder: What’s your major at the University of West Georgia, and what career would you like to use your degree in?
Anisa: I am a Mass Communications major with a focus in Digital Media and Telecommunications and minor in Marketing. Post-graduation, I plan on using my degree to become a radio personality and an entertainment host.
SLBWunder: You’re a brand ambassador for several companies. Explain the demands for such a position, and how you came about with these opportunities?
Anisa: Over the last year I have been blessed to be a brand ambassador for over five companies. Many of these positions have come about via Instagram while others come from connecting with people at various events. As a brand ambassador, my job is to be a face for the company to help market and gain customers. Another major part of being a brand ambassador is creating buzz, which leads to follows, likes and most importantly more activity on the company’s website.
SLBWunder: You recently joined UWG’s WOLF Internet Radio show, Chick Chat, as a radio personality. Congrats on that, and tell us what’s it like being a part of the show?
Anisa: For as long as I can remember, radio has always had a special place in my heart. Being on Chick Chat is a dream come true. I never envisioned myself having my own show because I really enjoy generating conversation with other people. Having two awesome co-hosts like Bintou and Kiera makes being on air that much more fun and interesting.
SLBWunder: When you’re not busy with school, modeling, and branding yourself what do you like to do? A few hidden talents, maybe?
Anisa: When I do decide to give myself a break from everything, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, shopping, making jewelry, motivating others and of course taking a nap here and there. LOL!
SLBWunder: Lastly, what advice could you give to people who want to be motivators and go-getters like yourself?
Anisa: If I could give a piece of advice to someone who wants to be a motivator/go-getter, entrepreneur or an entrepreneuHER I would say, do not let the opinions of others stop you from shooting for the stars. We are fearfully and wonderfully made, blessed with gifts and talents that are designed especially for us. The light we illuminate encourages others to find their light and let it shine.