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'Live': What Kelly and Michael Meant to Me

Today is a sad day I think for all fans who wholeheartedly rooted for Kelly and Michael’s show. Michael Strahan is officially done with ‘Live’ and at first I was crushed to hear the news, but now I’m happy he’s doing what’s best for him. No one can say what's best for him, but him, and if heading to GMA (Good Morning America) satisfies him, I'm here for it. As the hosts walked out hand in hand for the final time, Strahan made sure to keep the momentum going and not focus on the obvious. Flashbacks of the best moments between Strahan and Ripa played throughout the show and though it was sweet, it's still sad nonetheless.

This show meant the world to me; I finally saw myself again on a talk show. After Oprah's farewell to television, I thought I'd never fall in love with another talk show. Representation means everything to a young black woman like myself and I got to see that reflection again on Live with Kelly and Michael. Diversity was brought to the forefront and I think seeing interracial talk show hosts daily set a trailblazer for other shows to do the same.

I always knew about the ‘Live’ franchise but I never took the time to actually sit and watch when Regis Philbin was there. It was impossible to watch the show (1) because I was in school at that time and (2) I didn’t have VHS or DVR to tape their episodes. It wasn't until Kelly Ripa searched for the next co-host after Phibin retired I finally paid attention. Strahan landed the coveted seat next to Ripa in 2012, and instantly I became an avid viewer and fan. At the time, I was just starting my senior year of high school, but made sure to watch every episode when I came home. Thankfully host chat and clips of their celebrity interviews were uploaded online and were readily accessible. I now had something to look forward to and seeing the two always brightened my day. Strahan matched Ripa’s lively personality and was game for anything presented to him. Flash forward to this August being my final year in college, I can truly say I grew up watching Kelly and Michael.

The chemistry between Ripa and Strahan was magical and seeing them come out holding hands and dancing everyday was special. They had great strides together and won a lot Emmy's and other awards together; most importantly the show's ratings increased dramatically year-to-year and it's because of their TV magic. Aside from all the greatness, I must say these past few weeks were disappointing to see Kelly Ripa’s attitude and pettiness displayed so openly about Strahan's departure. I'm sure she's found peace with finding a new host to sit next to her, and I don't feel it's necessary to harp on the drama that has surrounded the show. Just know I was very opinionated about all their drama (LOL). This truly felt like one of the biggest divorces played out in TV history.

I'll always root for Ripa and I pray she finds a great co-host for the next season, though Strahan can never be duplicated. For Strahan, I hope he truly finds joy at GMA and that his transition is easy with every career venture he makes. They're both awesome individuals and regardless if they're together or not, they'll always be the best!