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Why Debbie Allen needs to reboot 'Polly' with these actresses

Source/Instagram: therealdebbieallen
Happy Black History Month! In honor of today being the first day of February and the celebration of Black excellence, let's throw it back to one of my favorite films...'Polly.' I wasn't born during the premiere of Debbie Allen's 'Polly' or the sequel 'Polly: Comin' Home!' but I have such fond memories of watching these films, and I think it's time for a 21st century reboot.

If you've never seen 'Polly' with actresses Phylicia Rashad and Keshia Knight Pulliam, the movie is about a precocious orphan named Polly (Pulliam) who's sent to live with her rich, cynical aunt (Rashad) in Alabama. Her aunt's home is embedded within a segregation-era black neighborhood rife with internal conflict. But through it all, Polly remains optimistic and full of life. This movie is just an all around feel good, and there are two actresses fit for a reboot.

Source/Instagram: traceeellisross
Tracee Ellis Ross and Marsai Martin.

These two are the perfect duo for a 'Polly' reboot! Currently they play mother-daughter on ABC's Black-ish and just like Rashad and Pulliam played mother-daughter on The Cosby Show, it's only right the tradition keeps going. Debbie Allen is such a visionary director and choreographer, and rebooting 'Polly' and airing it on ABC as a TV film. Other networks have live musicals under their belt, and ABC can do right by bringing back made-for-TV films.

With our current climate of racial and social injustices, it's sad to say that the same issues 'Polly' shedded light on decades ago, it's still the same, if not worse. Both Ross and Martin can sing and dance, and I can just imagine the combination of music and hope the movie can bring.

What are your thoughts on a 'Polly' remake? Have you seen the movie?