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Building Relationships with your Favorite Artists

From The Clark Sisters, Kierra Sheard, to Chloe x Halle and Monica, I've met some incredible artists in the gospel and mainstream industry. For this post, I want to share what's helped me meet, interview, and even work with them. I've specifically grouped all of my encounters with gospel artists into five categories, but my tips are universal for artists of any genre.

Tip #1: Networking

• If your favorite artist is on social media, you need to be on it too. That's how they're letting their fans know the next city they'll be in and the projects they're working on.

• Don't be afraid to engage with your favorite artist because that's the purpose of social media-to interact with one another. If you stumble across a music video of theirs and it resonates with you, tweet them and express your thoughts. You don't have to write a 4-page letter to them, but just let them know why you love the project to seize those moments!

Tip #2 : Support Your Fav

• Music isn't really selling as much across all genres, especially in gospel, so artists are creating multiple streams of income to stay afloat. If that artist is writing a book, guess what? BUY THE BOOK! However, supporting your fav doesn't always equate with shelling out your money. If you're a blogger and they just released an album, write a review about it and tag them in it. That's a form of support, plus it's more sincere because you've taken out the time to share your thoughts about their music.

• If part of their ministry is preaching, go to where they'll be speaking if money/travel permits. You may prefer their singing over preaching, but they're very appreciative if they knew you traveled just to support them.

Tip #3: The Three C's

• Consistency: If you want your face to be recognizable, be consistent in your support! Gospel artists are more accessible to their supporters because they're serving the people of God, so it's not as hard to meet them. More than likely, a bulk of their engagements are church-based so that welcoming setting is already in your favor. The more you use social media and support their artistry/ministry, the more familiar your face will be to them. It takes time though, so be patient!

• Clingy: DO NOT BE CLINGY! In simpler terms, keep it cute and simple, specifically with your online engagement. Don't fill their timeline/feed with constant tags to your account as a method of them noticing you. Yeah they’ll notice you alright and hit that block button. It’s a major turn off. Also, don't beg for a follow back because that, too, makes you look desperate. Sometimes it can work, but don't take it personal if they don't follow or respond to you every time they’re active. No one is obligated to follow you back on THEIR social media.

• Creepiness: Just like clinginess, DO NOT BE CREEPY! There's a fine line between being a supporter and borderline obsessive. Don't try to search their home address or find personal information about them because now you're invading their privacy and it sends red flags. Unless you know them personally, do not get too crazed about your fav because they're human just like us and I know that sounds cliché but they’re no different from us! I think once I knew my passions would put me in the presence of dope, amazing celebrities, it didn’t take me long to stop fangirling (okay I still do on the inside) and just be myself. Your personality will be what gravitates people towards you so always be mindful to remain humble and true to yourself.

Tip #4: Authenticity

• Being your most authentic self attracts people naturally to you, and the same goes for your favorite artist. Your personality, whether online or in person, needs to match and if you're genuine about your support/love, it won't go unnoticed. Trust me, if you're establishing a relationship with your fav, they're going to lurk to see how you interact with others online. If you’re sweet and funny in person to them but a bully online, that’s a huge turn off because people may now associate your rude behavior to their brand.

• You never know who's watching you so it's important to make great impressions always.

Tip #5: Be Prepared

• You never know how your gifts will make room for you. When opportunity meets preparation, you run with it and don’t look back. There’s PLENTY of times when my gifts have made room for me and I honestly have to give credit to being a student at heart. Always be a student to the game and outdo your peers. What sets me a part from others most of the time is my preparation. Not only does this apply to making yourself known amongst artists, but for life in general. Create business cards, have your social media aesthetically pleasing, soak in the time to actively listen to your favorite artist's interviews. Just go above and beyond and you will see results.