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The Clark Sisters: The Return We Always Needed

The Clark Sisters (Image source: Instagram- @thelegendaryclarksisters)

It felt like eons ago when The Clark Sisters released their live album, One Last Time back in 2007. The 13-year studio hiatus felt like a Clark Sisters' album wouldn't be in the works...until now. Released Friday, March 13, 2020, there's nothing superstitious about this album.

Consisting of thirteen tracks with rap legend Snoop Dogg as a featured guest on the song "His Love," The Return gives us the jams signature to The Clark Sister sound. Their ability to fuse traditional gospel with a contemporary twist is what always set the sisters apart in music. Released by Karew Entertainment and Motown Gospel, this is the group's seventeenth complete album. Producers J. Drew Sheard II, Rodney Jerkins, Warryn Campbell, Jermaine Dupri, and many more collaborated for the project.

Starting with their lead single "Victory," this song became an instant fan favorite once it hit the radio airways and gave us an inkling of what to expect for The Return. "Victory" is a declaration ballad for believers. Its message empowers those with unwavering faith and gives hope to those who are still discovering their inner strength.

There are specific songs where each of the sisters showcase their amazing voices. Particularly in the opening track "Been So Good," Dorinda Clark Cole takes it back to a Clark Sister favorite "My Redeemer Liveth" with her fast-paced melismatic runs. Twinkie Clark is simply the Queen of the Hammond B-3 Organ. The musical arrangement for "God Loves You" gives you that classic Twinkie groove.  For Jacky Clark-Chisholm, the eldest of the group, you hear her deep, soulful voice on "He Can." Her leads for this project is what made me the most happy because I feel like she's the most underrated voice out of the group. Honestly, every sister takes it up a notch on each song with their back-and-forth ad libs. And for Karen Clark-Sheard, she doesn't disappoint with her vocal abilities, especially for "Victory".

But the ultimate track that truly amazed me was "Masterpiece". Produced by Jermaine Dupri, he adds his iconic So So Def sound and with The Clark Sisters' Detroit flare, it's the perfect amalgamation of Southern hip hop and Motown. "Masterpiece" is our modern day "You Brought The Sunshine" crossover song. It's the type of track to play during any occasion; never compromising the gospel message. Just take a listen to "Broken to Minister" and go ahead and receive your blessing.

This is such a cohesive and flawless album and I'm extremely happy for this project! As a lifelong supporter, I'm constantly amazed by The Clark Sisters' ability to reinvent themselves time and time again, never compromising their faith and upholding their values. These living legends and deserve all the accolades for this album.

Go ahead and take a listen to The Return by The Clark Sisters, available digitally on all music platforms.

Personal Favorites: Masterpiece, He Can, Broken to Minister, and Been So Good