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How to Practice Gratitude in Every Season of Your Life

Summertime has arrived! The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and the world is slowly returning to some form of normalcy. On one hand, life is great for some people and 2021 has been an amazing year so far. For others, life is becoming too much to deal with and figure out.

We often express our gratitude and give thanks around the Thanksgiving holiday, but gratefulness shouldn't be stored away until the holiday season comes. While Thanksgiving isn’t my favorite holiday, I do love the spirit of gratitude it brings out of us.

No matter which spectrum of life you are experiencing right now, below are three ways to practice gratitude in every season of your life.

1. Journaling

For every milestone, no matter how big or small it is, you should practice journaling. I love journaling because it’s a convenient way to help organize your thoughts and offer reflection over what you've been through.

Your day could start off horribly and as the day progresses, you can write exactly what you’re feeling moment by moment. Then, towards the end of day you can see just how much you've overcome.

Or you could've experienced an amazing interview. By journaling, you can take note of that experience in order to never forget those feelings.

Spiritually, if there's a scripture from the Bible that resonates with you, write it down and describe why that particular scripture hits home.

It's all up to you how you make your journaling experience worthwhile.

2. Volunteering

Volunteering, at any magnitude, is one of the best things you could do. Figure out what your interests are and research outlets in your area to see if volunteering is possible.

We're still practicing social distancing, but that's not an excuse to not get involved with your community. Find local churches, food banks, or local events to lend a hand. Your presence makes a difference far more than money could do.

Do you like children? Register with your local school, whether it's elementary or high school level, and take time to volunteer. When I was fresh out of college, I spent two months volunteering at my childhood elementary school twice a week with the parent liaison department. Though it was a short time, it was the BEST experience ever! That experience connected me with amazing children and faculty.

Children cling to those that give off great energy, and I'm forever grateful that I could offer some kindness in that short time volunteering.

3. Speaking to your Elders

Please don't forget the elders! Even if you don't have elders in your family alive, you can still immerse yourself with those in your neighborhood. Seniors are all around us and I make it habit to introduce myself everywhere I go. From the grocery store line to the women's section at a clothing store, I make my presence known to any elders I cross paths with. A simple greeting or compliment can make all the difference.

Especially at times as these where it's difficult for most to regularly visit their loved ones, I deeply cherish the conversations I've had with the elders in my life and makes you become a sponge when seeking their wisdom. Those precious moments inspires me daily and puts life into perspective.

Knowing the historical context of behind those eras and hearing them recount their life, makes me appreciative of the life I'm afforded now.

Bonus Tip

Make it a point to voice record those conversations with elders to keep their stories and legacy alive.

Which practice of gratitude resonated with you the most? Share in the comment section!