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Shay's Perspective: There's No Cure for Procrastination

Are you a self-proclaimed procrastinator or don't want to admit that you're one? Where you know you have a lot to-do, but you just keep putting it off.

Definitionthe action of delaying or postponing something

Personally, procrastination is something I have always struggled with ever since I was a kid. It's something that has carried over into my college days and now adulthood. When you're a student in grade school, it's easy to complete your homework in the school cafeteria and still get a decent grade. It's an entirely different story when you're grown and rushing to finish deadlines at your job.

Now that I'm an adult, those last minute tendencies are catching up to me but I've learned to manage it. I used to think that being a procrastinator had a negative connotation, but I've flipped it to not let it work against me and in my favor. I switched my mindset and learned how to be just as productive whether I completed things on time or "last minute".

Below, here are ways you can turn what was once a negative connotation and make it work for you!

Tracking Your Progress

The biggest lesson that can help you stay on track and keep your procrastination at bay is realizing how close you are to completing the things on your to-do list. Always remember this and keep a mindset that every time you apply yourself in these situations, you're closer to finishing. 

Then, you'll open your eyes and realize time has flown by. Keeping your eyes on the end goal will take your progress far and keep you motivated.

Tools: utilize the reminder, notes, and alarm section of your phone to set mini goals when you check things off your list.

Balancing Personal Life + Work/Student Life

Balancing your personal life with your work or studies is a lesson that took me the longest to grasp. It took me years after college to separate work life from personal, and that's when my procrastination was the worst.

Back in school, I was a bookworm and didn’t socialize as much. However, I still had a nice balance of enjoying my youth and having fun with friends. My parents made sure that my studies were top focuses and looking back, I realize I didn't have as many procrastination flair ups because of their guidance. 

But what happens when you leave home and do your own thing? Old habits pop back up as if they were just waiting for your downfall.

Balancing what’s important in your life doesn’t happen overnight, but your #1 priority should ALWAYS be handling your business. 

Doing Your Best, No Matter What

Do your best and the results will be great. 

Remember, the worst thing that can happen when you don’t apply yourself is bad results. Do the opposite so that your procrastination doesn't become what society already deemed as negative. 

Let's take it back to my college experience. College is NOT like high school. You’re paying hour by hour to attend these classes, so doesn’t it make sense to actually go? Don’t let what your friends do set the tone for your negligence. If getting C’s and D’s is fine with them, surround yourself with people whose mindset is success and not mediocrity! 

Mediocrity can also carry into your workplace. If your coworkers brush off their work to spend time on their phones or use company time to search the internet for personal use, that's a form of procrastination that will catch up. 

Your path is exactly that…YOURS! 

There’s no one way to go about being successful and following through with your goals and dreams. So when you don’t feel like going to work or actively listening to your professor, remember why you're doing those things in the first place and push your way through!

Time is of the essence and while I think there's no cure for procrastination, you can definitely use critical thinking skills to do your best. Incorporating these practices and tools into your life doesn't happen overnight as I've stated earlier, but you'll find your groove.